Operating concept for migRaven.24/7

Stand from the 14.12.2020

Contact Person

Standard service level

The technical contact in problem cases is the central support in Berlin. This is available between 9:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m. via the address support @migraven.com reachable. You can also call +49 (30) 8095010-44.

Out-of-scope of this documentation

All individual adjustments and special configurations that were carried out at the customer's request as part of projects.

Direct access to the database is only intended for projects. It is not documented. Individual analyzes can be carried out on request.

Release Notes



system requirements

The system requirements are described in detail on the following page:


You will find the complete installation instructions on these pages.


Server services

the following services are available on the migRaven Server installed.

  • migRavenDB - aikuxGraph: migRaven own graph database
  • migRavenCore Service Host
  • migRavenDBServiceHost: is operated with a service account that requires local admin rights.
  • Windows IIS Service

The following services can be distributed / installed multiple times:

  • migRavenADScanServiceHost: This service reads the objects from the configured Active Directory.
  • migRavenResourceScanServiceHost: This service scans the configured file servers. There can be several of these if, for example, file servers are to be integrated at physically separate locations.


A Java-based graph database from the manufacturer neotechnology is used. The database is created with the central installation of migRaven installed and automatically configured. The version is adjusted at different intervals. The exchange is also carried out via the migRaven Installer running.

The database is located on the c: partition of the migRaven Servers installed. If desired, the database can be moved to a different partition. In these cases, however, the standard update process cannot be carried out.

Direct access to the database

Access to the database is not supported. If necessary, individual queries can be developed with the support.

Windows Web Service

For the web-based use of migRavenThe Windows IIS service must be operated on 24/7. This will be done automatically during the installation of migRaven configured. It can be operated via the http / https protocol. A trustworthy certificate is required for operation in https.


migRaven needs read / write access to:

  • Active Directory
  • DNS name resolution
  • DFS
  • File server
  • SMTP server
  • different ports, which are described in the system requirements
  • Accessibility of the archive destination

Roles and rights

In addition to the rights required for the services to access the AD and the file server, in migRaven even an extensive system of roles and rights.

Backup and recovery

Server & Hosting

The Windows server itself should be backed up as a whole.


Recovery of the system in an emergency

In the event of a complete failure of the Windows server, please contact the central support of migRaven. This is necessary because some services are stored centrally in the database and may have to be replaced.

Restoring to older database versions is possible if no updates have been installed in the meantime.


The logging of migRaven takes place via the Microsoft Event Log. There is a separate area for logging.

The web service is logged in the path c: \ ProgramData \migRaven.


It is recommended to observe the central services and the IIS via central monitoring.

Availability / resilience

DataRetention - not critical

Depending on the configuration, this function transfers the data to the defined target at certain intervals. If the server is not available, jobs are restarted after the restore.

FolderSelfService - medium critical

If the service is not available, users and administrators cannot carry out analyzes, create new directories or manage existing authorizations.

Desktop client - medium critical

Analogous to the FolderSelfService.

The Explorer plugin and the alarming are no longer updated. However, the data can still be accessed via the conventional paths.

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