The trusts have several trust types:

1. Child trust

When you add a child domain to an existing domain tree, by default, a bidirectional transitive child trust is established.

migRaven recognizes the domains and subdomains. Because the domain administrators can have access rights to the entire domain migRaven recognize and read the domains and subdomains.

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Best practice for authorization on file servers

Set Windows NTFS permissions optimally

1. introduction

We have designed this document as an introduction to authorizing file servers. It explains what permissions are available, how to forgive them and what considerations are needed. Permissions regulate access to the files, which is why it is important to handle their assignment with great care. If the permissions are given too loosely, everyone may be able to access the work contracts of all employees or other secret data. However, placing them too restrictively makes it difficult to work because employees may not be able to access data relevant to them in order to process them.

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