Project management

In a project, the permissions for a share or a share subdirectory are created. The projects are managed in the project list. The status indicates the status of your projects.

What exactly is a project?

In migRaven is always working with projects. A project is the logical unit to be edited. This can, for example, be a share or a directory below a share. Ideally, it is the point that is also mounted to the users or integrated into the DFS. This will ensure that everyone Permissions - including the list permissions - correctly by migRaven be created.

If you define the individual shares as independent projects, you have time to process them in peace and "step by step" to copy the data into the new directories and then assign them to the users.

In the project management you will find your started and created projects. With a meaningful project name you will quickly find your project again.
Also displayed are the time of the last processing, the source and the destination path.

list of projects

Image: Project Management


The status indicates the processing status of the project:

0   the source path has been scanned, you can display the read structure
1   the target state has been created and Design & Work has been successfully completed
2   Deploy Groups completed successfully
3   Deploy ACL completed successfully


The following actions can be carried out on a project basis:

Watch AD   View project goes into view mode 
Edit the project   Edit project goes into Work & Design mode, but editing is only possible in the status 0
Create project again   Scan project again is only possible in status 0
Delete project   Delete project This project will be removed 
project information   project information      project statistics
Error in the project   Errors in the project Errors that should be fixed before the migration, eg ACL error

By clicking on a column header, you can sort the projects in this column.
All projects are removed by removing the database subdirectory c: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ data \ database \ graph.db completely deleted.

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