Create a new migration project - the project types

migRaven offers four project types. These are briefly presented here. They differ in the source (share, novell server, table). The goal is always a Windows share or a subdirectory to this.

migRaven offers four project types:

  1. Group Rich line project (on a share, Group Policy creates new permission groups)
  2. Redesign (a share or directory tree is read in, authorization groups are formed and written in a new share)
  3. Novell Migration (Trustee information is imported)
  4. Import table (predefined structures can be imported from a spreadsheet in xlsx format)


GPO-Projekt Redesign-Projekt Novell-Migration Tabellen-Import

The four project types: G - Group Policy Project, R - Shareware Redesign, N - Novell Migration, Import I - Table

Each project contains the complete workflow from reading in the authorizations to rebuilding the authorizations to creating the authorization and list groups in the AD and writing the directories and authorizations in the deploy path.

1. Group Policy Project

In the Group Policy project, permissions are migrated directly to the source share through Group Policy without modifying or copying the directories and data. No target share is created. The advantage of this project type is that the authorizations are granted very quickly.

In Group Policy Management, a GPO is created that contains the new permissions for the scanned share. To enable this object, the user must link it in Group Policy Management to the server being migrated.


2. redesign

When redesigning the permissions of a share are scanned, rebuilt according to the MS Best Practice and written in a new share. Then the data has to be copied.

Redesign Pro Start

3. Novell Migration

With Novell migration, it is even possible to take permissions from a Novell server and transfer them to a Windows server. There are two ways to do this. On the one hand, the .trustee_database.xml file that exists for each volume is fetched and converted into a table. In this the permissions are editable. The second way, an LDAP connection, gets the members of the .trustee_database.xml groups, OUs, and roles from eDirectory. Based on this information, NTFS authorization structures are established that correspond to the Novell authorizations as far as possible and created on the Windows server in accordance with MS Best Practice.

Unlike the other project types, the Novell permissions can not be edited in drag-and-drop mode.

Novell Migration

4. Import table

When importing tables, it is possible to apply permissions from a spreadsheet (xlsx format). These will be rebuilt according to the MS Best Practice and written in a new share.

Tables import

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