The rights suffix: now changeable

New migRaven Version 2.1.1010:
- Now it is possible to change the group suffix - this is especially useful for 8MAN users
- With the new authorization group ModifyPlus, you can specifically protect authorization endpoints against accidental deletion by users

For the authorization groups, a file attachment indicates which rights this group has to the directory. This group suffix can now be changed.


Authorization groups can be created for the following rights:

- Read and Execute - Read and Execute
- Write - Write
- Modify - Change
Modify Plus - Change, but prevent deletion of the authorization endpoint
- Full Control - Full access
- List - corresponds to "Read and Execute" and is always assigned to "Only this folder"


You can now change the attachment in the "Suffix" column. This is very useful if you are already using 8MAN, or if the design of the permission groups in your network is subject to certain rules that you migRaven have to adjust.


In this column, you can select which rights are to be displayed in your authorization management.

The rights that you hide are not taken over when they are copied from the initial state to the rights table, they are not included in the table.

Before doing so, check whether the rights you want to hide do not occur or can be ignored.

In the table displays, only the columns with the visible rights are displayed. Even the tables that you export or import are limited to these columns. Correspondingly, the tables that you want to adopt during the table import must also look like this.

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