Roles and Rights - Advanced Settings

migRaven.24 / 7 has its own role and rights system. For users to be active, they must be assigned the appropriate roles. The properties of the rolls can be adjusted. There is a fixed set of roles with specified names. The rights and functions within the roles can be customized.
Note: the roles only affect the functions of the Web client. But need to be set in the configuration client.

1. Roll Designer

In the first step, 8 roles are predefined by name:

Predefined roles
Enterprise Administrator Has all rights in the web client. Can see all data.
Data Owner Role is filled automatically when an account is assigned ownership for a directory. Assign ownership ....
Deputy Data Owner Deputy Data Owner. (currently not in use)
requester Account that can log in and create Folder Self Service directories. After the first creation of a directory, this user also gets the role of Data Owner. Recommendation: Assign the domain user group.

Note: must be set to use Folder Self Service
Revision Auditing, eg for auditors or tax auditors
Administrator 1 eg helpdesk
Administrator 2 zbV
Administrator 3 zbV

You can assign differentiated rights to these roles here.
As a priority, rights to menu items of the Web client are given, which are shown or hidden accordingly.
The Enterprise Administrator has already been given all rights, he can use the WebClient in full. He is the only one who can see all areas.

To give a data owner access to his or her area data, the user has the following rights:

The entry only becomes effective if you enter a comment in the header in "Comment (required):" and confirm the entry on the right with "Save changes". This comment field is very useful. You can deposit here, for example, on whose behalf the user was authorized as Data Owner.

Roll Designer

Recommended default settings for the data owner. Changes are only guaranteed by entering a comment in the header and pressing the "Save changes" button.

2. account management

In the second step, users are assigned to the roles.
You can assign multiple accounts to each role.

NOTE: The installing administrator of migRaven should be the first "Enterprise Administrator" of migRaven be registered. Thus, the account also receives the rights to login to the web client of migRaven.

After the first letter shows migRaven Give you a list of eligible accounts. The selected account is confirmed with "Add Account". That is not enough. In the header, the entry must be confirmed with a comment and "Save Changes".

Manage Accounts
This entry must also be confirmed in the header with a comment and "Save Change".

3. Give the data owner permissions on directories

Does the data owner now have these rights on all directories?

No! On which directories he receives the specified rights is defined in the project management in View or Drag & Drop mode, with the function Select "Data Owner ...".

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