migRaven Roles and rights

Setting up the migRaven Enterprise Administrators

migRaven.24 / 7 offers an individualizable role system for the user within the application. Regardless of the later configuration, the migRaven Enterprise Administrator is the first role that should be set here. This defines the administrator for web access and allows you to create and set up templates.

You will find the settings in migRaven Client under configuration in the menu item Roles / Accounts.

Navigate here to the point account management and open that migRaven Administrator Menu item.

In the account search you can search for any AD account migRaven Database is used. If a user account has been newly created in the Active Directory, it must be included again in the database via an AD scan.

Enter at least 3 characters in the search field and select the desired account with one click.

click on Add account to add the user account to the list. Several user accounts can be listed. Then enter a comment in the field above and save with save Changes.

The registered user can now use the browser in the migRavenWeb interface as Enterprise Administrator.

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