The green meadow

1. The need for a "green field"

If the permissions of a share are to be migrated to a server, there are two possibilities. Either you migrate within the share or you create parallel to the source share a target share, which you build and finally gives the name of the source share. The first variant is with migRaven possible, but includes old and new authorizations and requires rework. The second variant with the creation of a parallel share only makes sense. But what name do you give the parallel share? If the source share is to be renamed anyway, the target share is given the new name. In most cases, however, the name should be retained, ie the target share should have the same name as the source share. However, two identical share names on one server are not possible. Therefore, the new share is initially given any name, eg "Green meadow". After the migration, ie after creating the authorizations and copying the data, the source shell must then be renamed and the new share can be given the original name of the source share.

2. Can I subsequently change the share and directory names as required?

1. As can be seen in the group configuration, the share name is an optional part and the directory name is a mandatory part of the name for the authorization group. This speaking group name should tell us where the group mainly assigns permissions and which ones. A change in the name of the directory overturns this concept.

2. Should the from migRaven If the authorization groups created are then used by 8MAN, not only the group names have to be adhered to, otherwise 8MAN will not accept these groups. A parameter of the authorization group, the "Description", can be viewed in the AD, contains server, share and directory names. These must also be correct.

-> So a clear NO. The share and directory names should not be changed afterwards.

3. Use in migRaven

The problem exists only with the migration by scan, since here source and destination lie on the same server. For Bulk and Novell migration, the problem is not because the source is outside the Windows server, so the target share can immediately get its final name.

The share names for the source and target path are specified when the project is created. For the target path, we specify “green meadow”.

The menu item “Deploy ACL” creates a “green field” with a directory tree and the new authorizations. The “green meadow” is an empty but fully authorized duplicate of the directory tree.

The "green field" is there so that the whole process can be carried out as relaxed as possible. For you this means: There are no time dependencies between the work steps and restrictions for the user.

Because the writing of the ACLs can sometimes take days, depending on the number of files in the directory tree!


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