Modify Plus for Microsoft NTFS ACL

Modify Plus has become even better!

The ModifyPlus-right in Microsoft Filesystems prevents the accidental move or deletion of the authorization end point by the user. The new ModifyPlus replaces the version, which was also identified as ModifyPlus. The function of both the versions is same, however the implementation was improved. By using the authorization “Delete sub-folders and files” instead of “Delete” can be waived by the “Deny deletion” for “Only this folder”.

What has also changed is that you need not decide whether you assign Modify-Rights or ModifyPlus-Rights in a project. In case of each directory (authorization end point), you have the option whether the user should get normal modify rights, or whether you want to prevent the fact that the user moves or completely deletes this directory.

Comparison of ModifyPlus (old) and ModifyPlus (new).

Comparison of ModifyPlus (old) and ModifyPlus (new).

If you wish to use the old ModifyPlus furthermore, then there is a button in the migRaven.exe.config (read instructions) under “Reactive ModifyPlus”, which enables it.

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