Sizing - planning the installation

System requirements and preparation

For the installation of migRaven.24 / 7 is to provide a standalone server (or equivalent VM). Please note when choosing that migRaven is a database supported application. For this reason, appropriately fast HDD storage should be used. We deliver the database. The graph database neo4j is used, the Java (or other OpenJDK installations) migRavenVersion 6.3.1943).

Recommendation: Memory always has a positive effect on the performance of a database.
The more RAM available to the system, the faster the DB
can be processed.

The minimum requirements to install migRaven.24/7 server to is Windows Server 2012 R2.

Before you start the installation, make sure that the server settings meet the minimum requirements for migRaven.24/7.

Sizing for the installation of migRaven.24/7

  • Windows system: 6 GB RAM, 4 Cores, 80 GB HDD
  • For every 1000 users: 2GB RAM, 1 Core, 2 GB HDD
  • For every 1 TB data to be scanned: 2 GB RAM, 1 Core, 5 GB HDD
  • Last but not least: a caching partition on C: with the size equivalent of RAM available

Example configuration for 1500 user + 10 TB data to be managed

  • RAM: 6 GB (OS) + 4 GB (user) + 20 GB (data) = 30 GB RAM
  • Cores: 4 (OS) + 2 (user) + 10 (data) = 16 Cores
  • HDD: 60 GB (OS) + 2 GB (user) + 50 GB (data) = 132 GB + 30 GB reserved on C: for caching

Prerequisites to install next:

  • Hiadditional roles and features for Windows Server
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
  • OracleJDK 11 (Windows x64) Download in English - Base for the Neo4j database
    Ab migRaven Version 6.3.20061.1 also supports Zulu Java installations.

    Replacing the existing Java installation with Zulu OpenJDK:
    - Exit the migRaven Services:
    1. Core service
    2. DBServiceHost
    3rd DB
    - Uninstall service: "C: \ ProgramFiles \migRavenDB \ bin \ neo4j.bat “uninstall service
    - Install Zulu
    - Restart the server
    - Test Java: java version
    - Register aikuxGraph WindowsService again: "C: \ ProgramFiles \migRavenDB \ bin \ neo4j.bat “install service
    - Start up services again

To configure

  • LDAP for access to AD
  • SMTP 25 / 587 for mail servers
  • SMB ports out for accessing the file system
  • TCP ports in / out: 7687, 8077, 8099, 8999, 10291 (migRaven Services among each other)
  • TCP Port 80 / 443 out to the address "" for the automatic creation and validation of licenses

Active user accounts

The number of active user accounts is relevant for licensing.
You will find the query to list all relevant user accounts here

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