Read first start and Active Directory (rich client)

After completing the installation you can set the client over the created migRaven Start Icon on the desktop.

At first start, this interface will be displayed:

Remove the check mark to prevent the display from being displayed on every start

1. Read Active Directory

To continue, you must first read the Active Directory from at least one domain. To add, click on the Add Button.
Storing the AD information in the migRavenDatabase serves as a requirement for accounts and users within the migRavenRole system.
This is relevant, for example, if the migRaven Administrator should be set. This information serves as the basis
to the analyzes and evaluations (authorizations, statistics) within the migRavenTo carry out projects.

Notice: With multiple domain controllers and domains, the response times may be longer than usual. It is possible before the scan in the configuration, define a primary DC for acquiring the AD information. You will find a corresponding manual here.

In the drop-down menu, you can select the local machine on which the Active Directory Scan will be executed.

(In this example, the virtual machine in the domain test.local) and click Discover.

You get a view of the discovered domains. Click the appropriate selection for the desired domains and click Save.

You will see your selection in a list and can be clicked on Scan start reading.

Once the scan has completed, the scan status will be on Save finished placed.

You can add more domains at any time or re-read existing ones.

Set up automatic scan of the domain

It is possible to automate the scan of the domains to keep the database up to date.
To do this, open the scheduling menu in the action column next to the desired domain.

Activate option in which you put the check mark in the displayed field.

Enter here the desired time for the regular scan and save the
Configuration with a click on Save, The first regular scan will be performed the next day.

In the next step, everything is prepared for the scan

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