Selection of the Domain Controller for the AD-Scan

The AD-Scan accesses the first available DC for the scan of the selected domain. But sometimes this option is not the best or simply not desired.

In order to set the desired domain controller to the ADScanService, this can be entered in the .config.

By default is the migRavenADScanServiceHost.exe.config at:

C: \ Program Files \migRavenADScanServiceHost

The procedure is as follows:

1. Shut down the ADScanServiceHost (services)

2. Carry the desired domain controller with his IP or hostname in value = "HOSTNAME / IP" a

3. Boot up the AD ScanServiceHost again

4. Perform the scan for the desired domain

5. Conversely, perform the process around the
migRavenADScanServiceHost.exe.config to reset to the initial state.

To note:

After editing make sure that the file is saved in utf-8 format

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