Identify and assign data owner (admin)

How do you become a data owner?

There are two ways to become a directory owner:

  1. Manual assignment (described below)
  2. By creating a directory in Self Service (anyone who creates a directory using Self Service from migRaven the owner is automatically created)
  3. Bulk via script (with support from migRaven Support): e.g. for all home directories of the company

The Data Owner is one of the most important roles within migRaven.24 / 7 can be assigned.
This defines a user account as the owner of a directory and allows it to have more
Apply functions within the web interface to its directory.

Who is actually the owner - how should the responsibilities be distributed?

Video contribution on the topic of Data Owner. Speaker: Thomas Gomell

This role will remain fixed on the directory until it is deleted. It will be your own.migRaven File created and saved in the respective directory.
These .migRaven File stores information (data owner, owner, creator) about the directory and is used for identification within migRaven.24 / 7.

Data owners are particularly relevant to eg. the Data Retention explained or placing access rights in the hands of individual departments, but can (as any other role) be adapted to the needs.

At the end of this article you will find a short video article dealing with the subject of Data Owners.

Link: opt. Customize data owner role

You will find the settings for the migRavenRolls under configuration and the menu item Roles / Accounts.

How do I set a data owner?

Setting a data owner (directory owner) for a directory is accomplished with just a few clicks.

In the administrator role, open a corresponding project in the web client and search the directory tree to find the relevant directory for setting the data owner.

Open the project to be edited on the Web and have the Treeview displayed

Next to each directory you will find the option Set directory managers:

Search for the desired account
Confirm with a comment

Determine the data owner - how do you find the right contact person

It is not always obvious who owns a directory. In order to limit the circle and possibly to be able to consult, the information column on the right shows the tab file owner ready.

Here you will find a list of all users who have created files in this directory, including the number and size of said files.

In this example, it would appear that Torsten is either the Data Owner, or at least the right person to contact to determine the correct Data Owner.


After the owner has been assigned, the corresponding in migRaven log in and get an idea of ​​his data.

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